Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To text or not to text, that is the question. Dating is nothing more than a mind f*&% game.

You're hungry, you drive up to McDonalds and order a #2. You clearly understand you're about to get a quarter pounder with cheese and probably a diet coke because it makes you feel like you're not indulging in the obesity crisis in America. How does this relate to dating? Well, at least with the #2 your expectations were met. Sure the burger was a little dry and probably semi-disgusting, but you knew what you wanted and what to expect....with dating, not so much.

Dating is nothing more than a mind f*&% game, literally. When you first meet someone it's supposed to be all butterflies and sh%&. Umm, the reality is that you're so busy trying to read a person and not come off as a needy crazy bit** (because all women are presumed this until proven innocent) that you carefully over-think your every move pending on how you feel about the person. Stupid questions start to cross your mind. Do I text first or do I wait for his. Do I call or is that too forward?

As women we tend to wait for the man to make the first move. Perhaps it's pride or perhaps it's that women just enjoy the chase. As the day moves on you start to notice it's been almost a 24 hour period and he hasn't sent you a text all day. So naturally you're thinking what the reasoning could be. Was he abducted? Did his mom call and he rushed to her bedside? Was there is an absolute loss of cell phone service in the entire state? Did his phone fall in the pool as he was rescuing a duck out of it? So you patiently wait, while acting like it's not bothering you...again, just another mind f*** game that comes with dating.

If you text him first being it's now been a 24 hour period with no communication, it may seem like you're needy. If you don't text him, you're just coming off as if you don't care or you're too busy. You're now trying to rationalize how in a 24 hour period this man doesn't have two fuc**** seconds to say hi. I know it's two seconds because I counted when I typed "hi." Facts like that are important for when you decide to go loco on his a** and asking why the f*** you haven't heard from him as it only takes "two seconds" to say hi. Seriously though, don't say that. Remember, as a woman you are presumed as a needy crazy bit** and by reacting like that it further proves that you are.

  Men are for the most part so predictable. It's almost a given that when a woman gives her phone number to a man that he will wait two days before contacting her. Why two days? It's simple logic, he feels that it makes him appear that he wasn't in a hurry to contact her. All the meanwhile he's already shown his boys pictures of her while stating how fu**ing hot she is. I can personally recall several times where I gave my number and knew on day two is when he would contact me. Again, nothing more than a mind f*** game.

See I'm the type of person that would pick up my phone at exactly 11:59 p.m (a full 24 hour period) and start a text that can be sent at exactly 12:00 a.m. and say "Wow, your day must have been so busy that you didn't even have time to piss, because clearly in 24 hours (remember it's all about the facts) you didn't have a second to send a text," but I don't...instead I practice self-restraint and assume he is busy, lol. All this could be avoided simply by talking, right? Well...it's never that simple. The reality is you get what you give.  Don't ever give more than you receive.